VIDEO: Lee Seung Gi to Comeback as a Real Man!

Nov 1, 2017

VIDEO: Lee Seung Gi to Comeback as a Real Man!
Korea's well-rounded star Lee Seung Gi is finally discharged from the military!

On October 31, Lee Seung Gi was seen at the gate of the 13th Special Forces Airborne Brigade in Jeungpyeong, Chungcheongbuk-do.

At the gate, there were numerous fans waiting for Lee Seung Gi to come out. Some fans told the media that they have camped out to see the star.

When Lee Seung Gi made an appearance to the public, fans cheered for his comeback.

A reporter asked Lee Seung Gi, "Did you sleep well?" 

Lee Seung Gi responded, "I couldn't sleep. I kept on waking up. I took some time to say goodbye to people around me. But I fell like I didn't have much time." 

He also thanked his fans who came out to see him, "Thank you for coming here. But I'm worried that you'll catch a cold. I heard some fans came from overseas as well. Thank you."

A reporter asked another question, "Did time go slow for you?"

Then Lee Seung Gi replied, "Well after I had 100 days left, the time dragged by. Also, when I had 48 hours left, the time went so slow as well." 

Welcome back Lee Seung Gi! 

(Credit= SBS HanBam)

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