Yulhee Officially Departs from LABOUM

Nov 3, 2017

Yulhee Officially Departs from LABOUM
Yulhee Officially Departs from LABOUMK-pop girl group LABOUM's member Yulhee has left the group.

On November 3, LABOUM's management agency Global H Media released an official statement regarding Yulhee's departure.

The agency stated, "Hello, this is Global H Media. First and foremost, we would like to apologize to the fans who continuously love and support LABOUM for announcing an unfortunate and sudden news. LABOUM's member Yulhee has decided to leave the group."
Yulhee Officially Departs from LABOUMThe agency continued, "Yulhee has informed us multiple times that she no longer interested in working in the entertainment industry. After long discussion and consideration, we have decided to terminate her contract to respect her decision."
Yulhee Officially Departs from LABOUM"We would like express our sincere apology once again to those who loved LABOUM. Our agency will continue to support LABOUM to become a much more advanced group after Yulhee's departure. Thank you."
Yulhee Officially Departs from LABOUMMeanwhile, LABOUM debuted with 'PETIT MACARON' back in 2014 and Yulhee recently confirmed her relationship with boy band F.T. Island's Minhwan.

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