Taeyeon Criticizes SM Entertainment's Indifference

Nov 6, 2017

Taeyeon Criticizes SM Entertainment's Indifference
Taeyeon Criticizes SM Entertainment's IndifferenceK-pop girl group Girls' Generation's leader Taeyeon gave a shout out to the group's agency, SM Entertainment.

On November 4, Taeyeon expressed her displeasure towards SM for not congratulating Girls' Generation's 'I GOT A BOY' music video hits over 200 million views on YouTube.
Taeyeon Criticizes SM Entertainment's IndifferenceOn her Instagram, Taeyeon posted a screenshot of the music video surpassing 200 million views, and left a short caption.

She wrote, "'I GOT A BOY' has over 200 million views. I want to say thank you to everyone who worked hard on 'I GOT A BOY' music video. Thank you, congratulations Girls' Generation and SONE(GG's fandom)."

Then she commented, "But isn't SM happy? What are you doing?", bashing the agency's indifference to the group.

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Later SM Entertainment posted the news on its various social media platforms, but fans are criticizing its late response.

Meanwhile, SM Entertainment released an official statement last month regarding three of Girl's Generation members―Tiffany, Sooyoung and Seohyun's departure from the agency.
Taeyeon Criticizes SM Entertainment's IndifferenceTaeyeon, who renewed her contract with SM, is expected to hold her first-ever solo Christmas concert next month.

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