Park Hyo Shin Welcomes POTUS with 'Wild Flower'

Nov 8, 2017

Park Hyo Shin Welcomes POTUS with 'Wild Flower'
?[SBS Star] Park Hyo Shin Welcomes POTUS with 'Wild Flower'Yesterday, the president of the United States Donald Trump arrived Korea. To celebrate his visit, Korean singer Park Hyo Shin was invited to the Blue House for his special performance. 

On November 7, Korean veteran singer Park Hyo Shin sang his self-composed hit song 'Wild Flower' in front of the President of the United States. 
?[SBS Star] Park Hyo Shin Welcomes POTUS with 'Wild Flower'The song was chosen as its lyrics has a meaning of overcoming adversity together, hoping that the bilateral relationship between Korea and the U.S would continue to bloom endlessly just like a wildflower, a relevant source to The Blue House told the press. 

His special live performance stage was presented to the guests in the evening, during the dinner time, and as expected, he successfully showed his remarkable vocal talent.
?[SBS Star] Park Hyo Shin Welcomes POTUS with 'Wild Flower'As it was a closed event, the Blue House wasn't able to broadcast Park Hyo Shin's unbelievable live performance. But today, it released three photos of Park Hyo Shin on its official SNS.

The caption said, "Today, singer Park Hyo Shin, KBS Symphony Orchestra, and musician Jung Jae Il performed at the welcoming dinner for President Trump. We've heard many fans were upset about how they weren't able to watch his performances live. So we've prepared a few photos from yesterday's rehearsal and one from today's performance." 

It was told that Park Hyo Shin's 'Wild Flower' was also played during President of South Korea, Moon Jae-in's 100th inauguration ceremony as well. 

If you haven't heard Park Hyo Shin's 'Wild Flower' before, you can check it out below.

(Credit = 'CJENMMUSIC Official' YouTube, 'thebluehouse_kr' Instagram)   

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