'No Exit' Contagious Celebrity, No.1 Kang Daniel

Nov 8, 2017

'No Exit' Contagious Celebrity, No.1 Kang Daniel
Did you know that K-pop boy group Wanna One's Kang Daniel is the No.1 main cause for 'no exit' epidemic? 

On November 6, tvN 'The List 2017' unveiled the 'Most Influential' or the hottest stars in Korea. 

Without a doubt, Kang Daniel topped the list as No.1. Upon his debut, he swept not only music programs but also TV commercials. Especially, as Kang Daniel has a sweet innocent smile with a rounded face yet performs charismatic dance on the stage, he's stealing many girls' hearts with unpredictable charms. 
[SBS Star] 'No Exit' Contagious Celebrities: No.1 Kang Daniel, No.2 IURecently, the phrase '1 day, 1 Daniel' has been a trend in Korea. This phrase means, if you don't see Kang Daniel every day, you will have emotional instability and feel anxious as if you are suffering from withdrawal symptoms from quitting smoking. It is also known as 'Kang Daniel Withdrawl Symptoms', or 'Kang Daniel Epidemic'. 

tvN also reported about Kang Daniel's effect on men. Not only men follow his dialect but also eats Kang Daniel's favorite snack, jelly. 

Then for No.2 most influential star, Korean singer-songwriter IU was chosen. This means whatever IU wears, does, many people will follow her including her little habits. Recently IU made an appearance in JTBC 'Hyori's Home Stay'. While she was staying at Hyori's place, she was wearing a purple training suit and munching on her food. She was also spotted as blanking out, walking weakly, run hurriedly, and eating chocolate. 
[SBS Star] 'No Exit' Contagious Celebrities: No.1 Kang Daniel, No.2 IUFor No.3, global trendsetter G-DRAGON was chosen, as he sets the trend for hairstyle and outfits, bringing so-called 'swag' to the public. 

Besides top 3 influential stars, there were many other stars listed as influential stars which includes, No.4, singer Lee Hyori for spreading 'Jeju Island Epidemic', and No.5 actor Gong Yoo for spreading 'Goblin Epidemic' everywhere. 
[SBS Star] 'No Exit' Contagious Celebrities: No.1 Kang Daniel, No.2 IUThere were also 'Bob Hair Epidemic' actress Go Joon Hee, and 'Peach Epidemic' singer and actress Sulli.

(Credit = Online Community, tvN The List 2017, 'WannaOne.official' Facebook) 

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