How do you think of yourself, Hong Jonghyun?

Nov 13, 2017

How do you think of yourself, Hong Jonghyun?
Korean model-turned-actor Hong Jonghyun has celebrated his 10th year debut anniversary with SBS funE.

On November 12, SBS funE released an interview with actor Hong Jonghyun. In the interview, actor Hong talked about his past, present, and future as an actor. 
[SBS Star] Charming Actor Hong Jonghyun's 10th Debut Anniversary InterviewQ. You debuted as a model and became an actor. Did you dream of becoming an actor before you worked as a model? 

A. I wanted to be a model in middle school. Then in high school I wanted to do acting. While I was a model, I searched for a company where I can do both. Although I wanted to do acting in my mid-20s, the opportunity came fast to me so I started early. 

Q. What are some differences between model and actor? 

A. Acting is more challenging than modeling. When I was a model, I enjoyed doing it most of the times and had good results. But for acting, I had to suffocate and prepare for my parts. How to approach is very different and challenging compare to modeling.

Q. How do you think of yourself, Hong Jonghyun? 

A. Unlike my appearance, I'm not that cold, I'm actually warm inside. I'm not talkative but I think a lot. A film director once told me that I have various charms. 
[SBS Star] Charming Actor Hong Jonghyun's 10th Debut Anniversary InterviewQ. When do you expect to serve in the military? 

A. I'm thinking about enlisting sometime near the end of next year, but it's not up to me. I think it's best when I don't have anything planned, and suddenly enlist in the military, but I'm always ready for it. To be honest, I wanted to go right after I graduate from high school. But because I wanted to work as a model, I delayed my plan. In the physical exam, I was suitable for active service. I think I would fit well in motorcycle military police in charge of guarding important personnel as a security escort just like actor Kang Ha-neul. It sounds fun. 
[SBS Star] Charming Actor Hong Jonghyun's 10th Debut Anniversary InterviewQ. How do you rejuvenate after a long day at work? 

A. I stay home and watch movies and play games. I stay home most of the times. But I try to go outside as much as I can. 

Q. How did your love business go? 

A. It's a secret. I did just a right amount. I want to go on a date. I want to be in a relationship in which everyone knows who I'm dating. I'm envious of those people who are ignorant about how others think and live their own lives. I want to date someone comfortably. It's my wish. 

Q. What kind of works do you want to take part in? 

A. I want to have a clear love-relationship. I want to try at diverse genres when I get older. I'm anticipating for my 30s, as I think I will have more depth and great emotion by then. In my 20s, I want to do as many works as possible. Last year and this year I only had two works, I wish I can do more next year. 

Q. What do you want to do in your next film or drama? 

A. I want to take part in contemporary dramas. For two years I was part of historical dramas, so I want to shoot in the cities. I don't have a preference for genre, but whatever my character is, I wish I can take part as soon as possible.

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