Lee Seung Gi's First Pictorial after Military Released!

Nov 14, 2017

Lee Seung Gi's First Pictorial after Military Released!
Lee Seung Gi (Credit=@star1/SBS funE)Korean actor and singer Lee Seung Gi is finally back after his discharge from the military!

On November 14, Korean magazine @star1 revealed Lee Seung Gi's first magazine pictorial after being discharged from the army.
Lee Seung Gi (Credit=@star1/SBS funE)Along with the pictorial, the magazine hold an exclusive interview with Lee Seung Gi.

During the interview, Lee Seung Gi talked about his difference in personality when he was a soldier, not a celebrity.

He said, "I participated in all the marches, even the ones that I didn't have to. I became competitive more and more in the military, so I wanted to experience everything I could as a soldier."
Lee Seung Gi (Credit=@star1/SBS funE)Then Lee Seung Gi shared the reason why he chose tvN's 'Hwayugi' as his comeback drama.

He explained, "Firstly, the script was so entertaining. As I worked with the screenwriters in the past, I believed in them. Moreover, I knew that I can do this well."

Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi's comeback drama 'Hwayugi' is set to hit the TV screens in December, and the full interview will be released on @star1's December issue as well.

(Credit= @star1/SBS funE)

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