VIDEO: MONSTA X's Tearful First Win in 2 Years Since Debut

Nov 15, 2017

VIDEO: MONSTA X's Tearful First Win in 2 Years Since Debut

K-pop boy group MONSTA X members got emotional after taking the group's first-ever first win on a music show.

On November 14 aired episode of SBS MTV 'The Show', MONSTA X was nominated for 'The Show Choice' alongside EXID and Block B.

Ultimately, MONSTA X took the trophy with their comeback track 'DRAMARAMA', marking its first-ever music show win since debut in 2015.

After hearing the announcement, MONSTA X members had seen overwhelmed by their emotions to deliver an acceptance speech, and started to shed tears of joy.

The members held a 'V Live' session right after the show, expressing their gratitude towards fans―known as MONBEBEs.
MONSTA XGroup's leader SHOWNU said, "We couldn't say anything earlier, because all of us didn't expect to hear the news. Thank you so much."

Then WONHO revealed that he was unhappy to be nominated for the first place in the past.

He explained, "We were nominated for the first place on music shows multiple times, but we always failed to take the trophy. I was worried that our fans who wished our win feel disappointed and sad. I felt so sorry for them and didn't want them to go through the situation again."
MONSTA XLater the members bowed in front of the camera, expressing their thanks to the fans who always supported the group to win the first place.

Once again, congratulations MONSTA X!

(Credit= SBS MTV The Show, 'MONSTA X' V Live)

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