Former SISTAR Bora and Hyolyn to Reveal Their 'Real' Birthday?

Nov 16, 2017

Former SISTAR Bora and Hyolyn to Reveal Their 'Real' Birthday?
Former members of disbanded girl group SISTAR, Bora and Hyolyn changed their official profile information.

Recently, Korean netizens discovered that Bora and Hyolyn's birthday on their profiles have slightly changed.
Bora, HyolynMany fans know of Bora's birthday as January 30, 1990, but she recently updated her profile data as December 30, 1989.

Hyolyn's birthday was originally known as January 11, 1991, but it also changed to December 11, 1990.

Netizens who found out the change are claiming that the two artists used false birthday information during their promotions for SISTAR.

As Bora and Hyolyn both left their former agency Starship Entertainment, netizens assume that they updated their profiles to their real birthdays.

They commented, "It's not a big deal. Only a month of difference" "Fans wished happy birthday to them on wrong days for the whole time".
Bora, HyolynMeanwhile, Bora expressed her wish to focus more on her acting career and took part in tvN's upcoming drama 'Hwayugi', while Hyolyn established her own music label called 'Bridge'.

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