"I'm sorry" Jung Yong Hwa Shares His Military Enlistment Plans

Nov 16, 2017

"I'm sorry" Jung Yong Hwa Shares His Military Enlistment Plans
K-pop band CNBLUE's leader and vocal Jung Yong Hwa shared about his future plans during his recent interview.

On November 15, Jung Yong Hwa had an interview regarding his recent drama 'The Package' at FNC WOW located in Myeong-dong, Seoul.
Jung Yong HwaEven though the interview was mostly about his acting career and his role in the latest drama, Jung Yong Hwa talked about his enlistment plans as well.

Jung Yong Hwa said, "I'm 29 years old this year. It's about time (to enlist in the military) and I have to go quickly."

He added, "I feel sorry for being so late. But I'm constantly looking for the right time."
Jung Yong HwaWhen he was asked whether fellow members of CNBLUE have plans to enlist together, Jung said, "Enlisting together isn't something that I can decide on my own."

He continued, "I'm the oldest among the members, so I will definitely go first. It's not easy for me to tell them to go to the military because I'm going. I want to leave the decisions to the members."
Jung Yong HwaMeanwhile, Jung Yong Hwa is currently starring in a romantic TV series 'The Package', which airs every Friday and Saturday at 11:00 PM KST on JTBC.

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