Suzy "Living as Hong-joo was a very happy memory"

Nov 17, 2017

Suzy "Living as Hong-joo was a very happy memory"
[SBS Star] Bae Suzy 'Living as Hong-joo was very happy memoryKorean actress Bae Suzy has shared few words after SBS TV series 'While You Were Sleeping' came to an end. 

On November 16, a few stills of Suzy who played Nam Hong-joo in the drama were released.

In the drama, Suzy has shown her unbelievable acting skills by playing a role of a news reporter, who dreams about the future accidents. 

She was praised for her acting abilities, especially with her cute narcissistic acting skills and crying scenes. People complimented how she was able to act like a real reporter on the scene. It was so realistic that there was even a rumor that she used a stunt to do her part. 

After the last episode was aired, Suzy chose the most memorable scenes in the drama. She said, "The producer gave me an okay sign in one cut, and the way I had to express her feeling was a huge part of that scene" and chose when Hong-joo had to cut her hair short by herself. 

Then she said, "News reporter is such a cool occupation. I tried my best to do well. Now I think back at it, living as Hong-joo was a very happy memory. I enjoyed going to the set. I remember the time when I struggled so much to express Hong-joo well." 

Suzy also talked about some challenges. She said, "A reporter who can foresight the future was such a challenging role but also was an opportunity for me to grow. Thank you all for loving 'While You Were Sleeping' and character Hong-joo." 

(Credit= SBS funE, 'skuukzky' Instagram) 

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