Tiffany Shares about Her Life in LA & Passion for Hollywood Debut

Nov 17, 2017

Tiffany Shares about Her Life in LA & Passion for Hollywood Debut
K-pop girl group Girls' Generation's member Tiffany opened up about her life after leaving her past management agency, SM Entertainment.

On November 16, Korean fashion magazine CeCi unveiled its exclusive interview with Tiffany, who is currently living in Los Angeles, California.
Tiffany (Instagram)When she was asked about how she has been up to, Tiffany said, "I've been going to school and taking acting classes. I've consistently worked on some music as well."

Tiffany, who was born and bred in California added, "Me being here is so natural, because this is where my family's living and where everything surrounds me started."
Tiffany (Instagram)Then she shared about her passion towards acting, and her plans to make a Hollywood debut as an actress.

Tiffany said, "Everyone says it's hard for an Asian to enter the American entertainment industry. But to be honest, nothing has been easy anyways. Being part of Girls' Generation wasn't easy, too."
Tiffany (Instagram)She continued, "To me, I think I'm in the process of creating a new version of Tiffany. Instead of wasting my time worrying, I would rather use the time to practice my acting."

Meanwhile, Tiffany decided not to renew her contract with SM Entertainment last month, as she wishes to expand her career in the States.

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