VIDEO: NU'EST W's Hilarious Transformation & Part Change

Nov 20, 2017

VIDEO: NU'EST W's Hilarious Transformation & Part Change
K-pop boy group NU'EST W dropped a special dance video for fans!

On November 17, 6th episode of NU'EST's reality show 'L.O.Λ.E RECORD' was posted on the group's official YouTube channel.

When NU'EST W made their comeback with 'Where You At', four members made a promise to film a dance video in costumes and switch parts if they win the first place on a music show.

As they successfully took multiple #1 on music shows, the members finally kept their word to fans.
NU'EST WLeader JR chose Stitch costume from 'Lilo & Stitch', while Ren turned into Smurf, Baekho as Sponge Bob, and Aron as a nobleman of Joseon Dynasty.
NU'EST WDespite their hilarious costumes, members perfectly showcased their choreography while changing their parts.
NU'EST WWhen the group's rapper JR hardly managed to take main vocal Baekho's part, members and dancers could not hide their smiles and burst into laughter.

Check out the special clip of NU'EST W above!

(Credit= 'NU'EST' YouTube)

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