VIDEO: Get Ready for This Week's 'Fantastic Duo 2'!

Nov 22, 2017

VIDEO: Get Ready for This Week's 'Fantastic Duo 2'!
Korea's legendary singers are all gathered in one place, at SBS 'Fantastic Duo 2'! 

On November 21, SBS 'HanBam' teased viewers with a new episode of 'Fantastic Duo 2'―Fantastic Concert -The Final, which is set to go on air on November 26. 

In the new episode, there will be legends from Korean music industry, such as So Chan-whee, PSY, and Lee Moon-se.

In the released teaser, many artists revealed their anticipation toward legendary singers' performances. 

One scene teased a man singing a duet with So Chan-whee, bringing thrills to the stage.

Then global star PSY appeared on the stage and brings out concert vibe to the set by installing special effects onto the stage. Even the panels were shocked at PSY's surprise performance on the stage.

Next to PSY, singer-songwriter Lee Moon-se sang a ballad with his sweet voice. 

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(Credit= SBS HanBam) 

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