VIDEO: Kang Daniel's Charming Points Analyzed?

Nov 22, 2017

VIDEO: Kang Daniel's Charming Points Analyzed?

Recently debuted K-pop boy group Wanna One's Kang Daniel is getting explosive popularity from the public lately. 

On November 21, SBS 'HanBam' met with experts in various fields to analyze Kang Daniel's charms.

According to one expert, she said Daniel's charming point comes from his natural, familiarity features.

She said although he is younger than many of his girl fans, without any decoration or any effort to look cool he just has that signature charismatic charms within him.

Then another expert said, in usual days Kang Daniel seems to act clumsy but on the stage, he shows his masculine features to the audiences showing diverse charms simultaneously. 

Through countless practices and efforts, Kang Daniel has finally gained a foothold as a talented artist. 

Do you agree on experts' analysis on Kang Daniel's charming points? 

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(Credit= SBS HanBam) 

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