Koo Hye Sun Donates Artworks for Child Patients

Nov 23, 2017

Koo Hye Sun Donates Artworks for Child Patients
Korean actress Koo Hye Sun donated her artworks for young patients. 

Recently, Koo Hye Sun donated 26 of her artworks in Severance Children's Hospital in Seoul. Her donations are hung on various sides of the hospitals including hospital's stairways, YG lounge, Koo Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun's psychology room, in front of the elevators and much more.

Koo Hye Sun's art pieces were all from her recent private exhibition 'dark YELLOW', which expressed a desire for freedom that is inherent in oneself and the will to achieve one's dreams.[SBS Star] Koo Hye Sun Donates Artworks for Child PatientsDue to her allergic diseases, Koo Hye Sun has put a halt in all of her activities and began receiving medical treatments. Meanwhile, she also made donations for young patients who are suffering from the rare intractable diseases and earned children's art coaching certificates.  

She said, "I saw patients who stayed in the hospital for a long time while I was shooting for a drama. I was also able to see their surroundings as well. Hoping that I can comfort them a little, I've decided to hang artworks in cold areas to give warmth." 

Meanwhile, actress Koo has released 'Koo Hye Sun's music book' which contains 30 pieces of her own songs. It also contains her piano instrumental from 2015, which was ranked as No.1 in China's music charts, and soundtracks from her movie 'The Peach Tree'(2011), and program 'Newlyweds Diary'. 

(Credit= Severance Children's Hospital/ SBS funE) 

(SBS Star)