TAEYANG Shares His Concerns that Upcoming BIGBANG Tour Could be the Last

Nov 24, 2017

TAEYANG Shares His Concerns that Upcoming BIGBANG Tour Could be the Last
TAEYANGK-pop boy group BIGBANG's TAEYANG opened up about his concerns and affection towards fellow BIGBANG members.

On November 23, TAEYANG made an appearance at tvN's new variety show 'Livin' the Double Life'.
TAEYANGDuring the show, TAEYANG shared that he is worried about going on a long hiatus for the military.

He said, "I always have similar worries with every album release. While it might never be the last, it feels like I'm going to hold my last performance because I have a long hiatus in the near future. I wonder if it will still be possible for me to release music after I come back from the army."
TAEYANGTAEYANG also expressed his wish to sing less group songs at BIGBANG's concerts because only four of them will perform the songs without T.O.P.
TAEYANGThe stage director explained that the meaning behind the concert title 'LAST DANCE', is that the tour may really be the last concert of BIGBANG.

TAEYANG nodded and replied, "It might really be our last. It makes me so sad" and added, "It's just us four. What can we do? We are done now."
TAEYANGIn another part of the program, TAEYANG expressed how much he misses his members.

He said, "To be completely honest, I always miss them. Even during this interview, I do miss them."
TAEYANGWhile he was in Thailand for his solo concert, TAEYANG even changed hotel to the one where he stayed with the members two years ago.

TAEYANG explained, "The team booked a different hotel. But I really enjoyed the times I spent with my members during the past 'MADE' tour, so I changed the hotel."

Meanwhile, four members of BIGBANG except for T.O.P are scheduled to hold a two-day concert 'BIGBANG 2017 CONCERT LAST DANCE IN SEOUL' on December 30 and 31.

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