Jung Hae In Reveals Real-life Suzy & Lee Jong-suk

Nov 24, 2017

Jung Hae In Reveals Real-life Suzy & Lee Jong-suk
Actor Jung Hae In, who co-starred with actor Lee Jong-suk and Suzy in recent SBS drama 'While You Were Sleeping', shared what Lee Jong-suk and Suzy are like in real life.

During his recent interview, Jung Hae In revealed his friendship with the fellow stars of 'While You Were Sleeping', Lee Jong-suk and Suzy.
Jung Hae InHe said, "Lee Jong-suk and I frequently hang out together to grab some drinks. We often drink beer in front of a convenience store too. We even went on a road trip together after the shooting for drama was over. It was my first time to go on a trip with my fellow actor, without our managers. It was really a memorable trip to me."

He added, "Lee Jong-suk once told me that he learned how to appreciate little things in life because of me."
Lee Jong-suk, SuzyThen Jung Hae In talked about Suzy, saying, "She is really pretty. Suzy is beautiful inside and out. Also, she is extremely nice and caring, so I felt really comfortable filming with her."

He continued, "Suzy is so genuine and considerate. As my character had a crush on hers, she always helped me to act comfortably. Suzy was a mood maker on set too."

Meanwhile, Jung Hae In made his big screen debut with his first movie 'The Age of Blood' on November 23.

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