Actress Park Hanbyul Announces Pregnancy & Marriage

Nov 24, 2017

Actress Park Hanbyul Announces Pregnancy & Marriage
Korean actress Park Hanbyul announced a surprise news today!

On November 24, Park Hanbyul posted a long letter to her fans on her personal Instagram, informing that she is now married and pregnant.
Park HanbyulShe wrote, "Hello, this is Park Hanbyul. We finally wrapped up filming for 'Borg Mom' yesterday. It was really grateful to take such a unique role, and it was so fun to play my character.

I've kept a secret from fellow actors and staffs, to avoid causing any inconvenience. Now that we've finished filming for the drama, I will finally reveal the secret.
Park HanbyulMy character in 'Borg Mom' was a cyborg mom, and my character came to real life! I am currently four months pregnant!

I've already registered my marriage with the father of my baby, and we're hoping to hold a small wedding next year with our closest family members.

I was a bit worried about overlapping the filming with my pregnancy, but my baby and I are both in a healthy condition.

Now that I've finally announced the news, I think the only thing left for me is to be happy and receive may blessings from people.

I truly thank God every day for giving me a precious gift.

I had a lot of things going on in my mind about how to express my joyful promises, but I'll just say them out loud without any fancy words. I will live a happy life by giving and receiving love.

Many people will be surprised by this sudden announcement, but please give us your blessings. I will continue my career as an actress so please give me a lot of support. Thank you!"
Park HanbyulCongratulations, Park Hanbyul!

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