Park Hae Jin's Continuous Good Deed Garners Attention

Nov 29, 2017

Park Hae Jin's Continuous Good Deed Garners Attention
Korean actor Park Hae Jin delivered warm winter to the residents in need.

On November 16, Park Hae Jin delivered in total of 3,400 coal briquettes to 12 houses in Seoul, along with fellow staffs and cast members of the upcoming drama 'Four Men'.

As the TV series is scheduled to crank in next month, Park Hae Jin requested the drama crew to do something meaningful together, which led to the volunteer work.
Park Hae Jin60 staffs and cast members including director Jang Tae-yoo and actors Kwak Si Yang, Lee Ki Woo joined to deliver coal briquettes.
Park Hae JinPark Hae Jin also donated 50 million won (approximately 46,000 dollars) to help the elderly residents living alone.

He said, "I was so happy to do this volunteer service together with my fellow staffs and casts. The weather was great, and there was nobody hurt, which was grateful."
Park Hae JinPark Hae Jin has volunteered to deliver coal briquettes to elderly residents since 2010.

Meanwhile, the drama 'Four Men' is expected to air in the beginning of next year.

(Credit= 'mountainmovementent' Facebook, 'Park Hae Jin' V Live)

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