'D-1' RAIN Reveals Details about His Comeback Album

Nov 30, 2017

'D-1' RAIN Reveals Details about His Comeback Album
Korean artist RAIN is finally making his comeback tomorrow!

On November 29, RAIN dropped a preview clip of his upcoming mini-album 'MY LIFE 愛'.

The album contains five tracks in total―including 'Baby Baby', 'Again', 'Sunshine', pre-released ballad track 'Goodbye', and the title track 'Gang'.
RAIN'Gang' is an electronic-trap beat track with R&B melody line, which emphasizes RAIN's mellow vocals.
RAINPre-released ballad track 'Goodbye' features Korean vocalist Jo Hyun Ah from Urban Zakapa, while the lyrics depict a sad love story.
RAINRAIN's mini-album 'MY LIFE 愛' is set to be released tomorrow, December 1.

Until then, check out the preview and the teaser clips here!

(Credit= 'RAIN's Official Channel' YouTube, 'raincompanyrain' Facebook)

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