TAEYANG Suggests DAESUNG to Enlist in the Military Together?

Dec 1, 2017

TAEYANG Suggests DAESUNG to Enlist in the Military Together?
BIGBANGK-pop boy group BIGBANG's TAEYANG asked fellow member DAESUNG to enlist in the military together.

On November 30 aired episode of tvN's 'Livin' the Double Life', BIGBANG members met up for the first time in six months.
BIGBANGAs all the members were busy with their solo promotions, TAEYANG joyfully walked into the concert venue and greeted DAESUNG and SEUNGRI.

Then they started to talk about their labelmate Lee Chan-hyuk(AKMU)'s recent military enlistment.

TAEYANG said, "I thought the Marine Corps' uniform would look cooler than that" and laughed with DAESUNG.
BIGBANGThen DAESUNG asked, "I think I'm going to enlist in the army next year. But you're still waiting for the opening right?"

TAEYANG responded, "Isn't there a way that we could match our enlistment schedule? Let's join the military together."
BIGBANGThe group's youngest member SEUNGRI silently listening to their conversation and bit his nails, thinking about his upcoming enlistment as well.

Meanwhile, BIGBANG's four members except for T.O.P are scheduled to hold their concert 'BIGBANG 2017 CONCERT LAST DANCE IN SEOUL' on December 30 and 31.

(Credit= tvN 'Livin' the Double Life')

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