JYP Reveals How He Cried with RAIN

Dec 4, 2017

JYP Reveals How He Cried with RAIN
Korean music producer and singer JYP showed his affection towards RAIN.

On December 3 aired RAIN's comeback show, KBS2 '2017 RAIN is BACK', RAIN's mentor JYP's interview was unveiled. 

JYP shared about the most memorable moment with RAIN to be the time when RAIN won the 'Seoul Music Awards'. 

JYP said, "I remember crying when I saw RAIN crying on the stage while doing an acceptance speech." 
[SBS Star] JYP Reveals How He Shed Tears with RAINJYP reminisced about the past, "One day he came to me and asked for help. He had a mother who was sick at the time. So I went to his place and saw his mother who looked very sick. He didn't tell me about it until then." 

He continued, "Although his mother passed away, I remember going through the events with him. So I knew how he felt when he was crying on the stage." 

JYP added, "When he said 'When I was no one', I felt his sincere mind, word for word. I felt his sincerity. So I cried. I still want him to remain as my younger brother who is always well and happy." 

Then he talked about his close relationship goal with RAIN, "If I need help one day, he's the only younger brother who I can go to anytime." and showed his affection towards RAIN.

RAIN has won the 'Seoul Music Awards' with his third official album 'It's Raining' in 2004. 

At the time RAIN said, "3 years ago, I promised with my mother who passed away, that I will win the 'Seoul Music Award'. I'm thankful that I can keep my promise with my mother." 

Recently, RAIN made a comeback with his mini album 'MY LIFE 愛' which contains autobiographical tracks, depicting the story of RAIN's life and his grateful, loving messages to his fans.

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