VIDEO: 'Crazy Sexy Cool' ASTRO Confesses Love!

Dec 5, 2017

VIDEO: 'Crazy Sexy Cool' ASTRO Confesses Love!

K-pop boy group ASTRO has shown successful performance, bringing much cheer from the audiences. 

On December 5, ASTRO made an appearance on SBS 'Inkigayo' and perform to their new track 'Crazy Sexy Cool'. 

It brought many fans' attention as the members were wearing white matching clothes and dancing in crazy, sexy and cool style. 

Its new music is a modern British pop genre with drum beats. The lyrics reveal a story of a boy falling in love who appears in his life out of the blue. 

Their 'Crazy Sexy Cool' is part of ASTRO's comeback mini-album 'Dream Part.02', which contains more tracks like 'With You', 'Butterfly', 'Run', and 'Better With You'.

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