Park Hae Jin to Hold Fan Meeting at His Hometown!

Dec 6, 2017

Park Hae Jin to Hold Fan Meeting at His Hometown!
Park Hae JinKorean actor Park Hae Jin is holding a fan meeting at his hometown, Busan.

On December 5, Park's management agency Mountain Entertainment released an official statement regarding the actor's year-end fan meeting.

According to the agency, Park Hae Jin will be holding a fan meeting in Busan on December 30 with 2,000 fans.

This fan meeting is especially meaningful to the actor and his fans as they can spend the last of 2017 together at his hometown for the first time.
Park Hae JinPark Hae Jin's affection towards his fans is widely known.

He not only planned various segments of the fan meetings by himself, but also went on various volunteering activities with his fans.

The agency mentioned, "Park Hae Jin has been busy preparing for his new drama 'Four Men' but he enthusiastically plans his upcoming fan meeting in Busan at the same time. It will be a very meaningful event as they can wrap up the year together through this event."
Park Hae JinMeanwhile, Park Hae Jin's new drama 'Four Men' is expected to air in the beginning of next year.

(Credit= SBS funE, 'mountainmovementent' Facebook)

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