VIDEO: 'R&B Fairy' Lena Park Talks about Her Husband

Dec 7, 2017

VIDEO: 'R&B Fairy' Lena Park Talks about Her Husband
Korea singer Lena Park (Park Jung-hyun) updated about her life to her fans. 

On December 5, Lena Park had an interview with SBS 'HanBam' and talked about her newlywed life.

She explained how she's married to a Korean Canadian man, who is currently a professor at a college. She described her husband as a person who enjoys being private, and quiet.

When an interviewer asked her, "What's so good about marriage?" 

Then Lena Park shyly responded, "I feel very reassured. When I'm home alone, it doesn't feel like I'm alone. It feels like I'm no longer a solo artist, but a team member." 

She also shared her wish as a singer, "I hope people continue to say 'She still sounds like Lena Park.'" 

Lena Park is expected to hold end of the year concert 'LET IT SNOW' on December 22-25 in SK Handball Stadium Olympic Park, Seoul. 

Congratulations Lena!  

(Credit= SBS HanBam)

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