VIDEO: Joowon Gets Spotted by Korean Politicians

Dec 8, 2017

VIDEO: Joowon Gets Spotted by Korean Politicians
The Speaker of the National Assembly unexpectedly met actor Joowon.

On December 6, the Chairman of the National Assembly Chung Sye-kyun and politician Seo Young-kyo visited the 3rd Infantry Division of the ROK Army, which is also known as 'White Skull Division' and encouraged its soldiers. 

It was told that Chung Sye-kyun visited the division to congratulate recently passed bill, which said to raise salaries of soldiers. 

While Seo Young-kyo was handshaking with the army instructor, she recognized it was Joowon who she was handshaking with. 

Then the Chairman recognized him as well and asked how many more days are left until Joowon's discharge. Joowon answered, "I still have some time left." 

It was told that actor Joowon has become the 'scene-stealer' that day. 

Joowon is expected to be discharged from the military on February 15, 2019.


(SBS Star)