Min Hyorin Opens Up about Her Boyfriend, TAEYANG

Dec 8, 2017

Min Hyorin Opens Up about Her Boyfriend, TAEYANG
Korean actress Min Hyorin recently talked about her relationship with K-pop artist TAEYANG.

During her recent interview with STARNEWS, Min Hyorin mentioned her boyfriend TAEYANG as "the person I can fully lean on."
Min HyorinWhen the interviewer mentioned the break up rumor after the release of TAEYANG's 'DARLING', Min Hyorin clarified the rumor once again.

She said, "I heard the rumor as well. I was surprised to be honest, because we never broke up. I think the rumor has spread due to the lyrics of the song."
TAEYANGAt the time TAEYANG clarified their break up rumor during his album press conference. He said, "Min Hyorin is my ultimate muse."

Min Hyorin commented, "I was surprised to hear that he said. At the same time, I was thankful to my boyfriend."
Min HyorinThen she revealed why she is getting cautious to talk about his boyfriend or their relationship to the media.

She explained, "If my boyfriend was a non-celebrity, or even an actor, I think I could open up more about our relationship. However, he's an idol star with other members(BIGBANG). So I think I'm becoming more careful with everything."

Min Hyorin and TAEYANG confirmed their relationship back in 2015.

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