Koo Hye Sun Departs YG after 14 Years

Dec 12, 2017

Koo Hye Sun Departs YG after 14 Years
[SBS Star] Koo Hye Sun Departs YG after 14 YearsKorean actress Koo Hye Sun is looking for a new agency.

On December 12, actress Koo confirmed she will be terminate an exclusive contract with YG Entertainment, which she has been part of for 14 years.

YG Entertainment confirmed, "We've decided to respect actress Koo's opinion who has been part of our company for 14 years. YG hope actress Koo to do well with her new works as well as happy and healthy life. We'll always cheer for the actress."

Koo Hye Sun joined YG Entertainment in 2003 as a singer trainee. As she was known for her good looks or 'Ulzzang' in Korean, her debut garnered many people's attention. 

In 2004, she first debuted in Korean sitcom 'Nonstop'. Then in 2009, she was rise to stardom after starring in the hit drama series 'Boys Over Flower'. Since then, she has been expanding her scope of works as a singer, writer, songwriter, film producer, and artist. Then last May, she tied the knot with an actor Ahn Jae Hyun who she first met while shooting a drama 'Blood'.

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