Another Role Added? IU's Bodyguard Garners Attention

Dec 13, 2017

Another Role Added? IU's Bodyguard Garners Attention
Korean singer-songwriter IU's bodyguard has been getting full attention from her fans lately.

On December 9, IU came out to greet her fans along with a bodyguard and a manager after her concert.

Right after waving to her fans, she started to whisper something to her bodyguard.
IUThe bodyguard then started to deliver her words out, saying, "I am keeping silence because I can't talk now.", as she is having a sore throat after her long concert.
IUThen the bodyguard continued to deliver IU's words, "Go home quick! Eat well too! You underage fans, you gotta go home quick before your parents start worrying about you.", making the fans to burst into laughter.
IUIUIU's bodyguard Mr. Park Geun-woo reportedly has been her side for more than 6 years.

His gentle, caring gesture not only to IU but also to her fans have been buzzing online.

(Credit= Online Community, 'yoooosa516' Twitter, 'boxgame' YouTube)

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