Price for 'Kang Daniel Ad' in NYC Time Square Revealed!

Dec 13, 2017

Price for 'Kang Daniel Ad' in NYC Time Square Revealed!

Can you make a guess how much did fans pay for Wanna One Kang Daniel's birthday ad in Time Square?

▶ [SBS Star] Kang Daniel's Birthday Ad in NYC Time Square, Looks Expensive!

On December 12 aired episode, SBS 'HanBam' covered the special birthday ads that Kang Daniel received from his fans during his birthday week.
Kang DanielTo celebrate the rising star's 22nd birthday, fans took over billboard ads not only in Korea, but also in Times Square, New York City.

According to a fan who planned to put the Time Square ad, about 300 fans came together in order to deliver their encouragement to Kang Daniel through the special birthday ad.
Kang DanielAs for the cost of the ad, 'HanBam' staff had an interview with New York-based ad agency's project manager.

The manager commented, "The sign(ad) was at a very good position on the south end of Times Square. The value(cost) changes a lot, but for one day, it's around 3,000~5,000 dollars."
Kang DanielAs Kang Daniel's birthday ad was up for 7 days, the approximate cost for the ad would be 21,000~35,000 dollars in total.
Kang DanielIn Korea, Kang Daniel's birthday ads were posted on multiple billboards of buildings and subway stations, not only throughout Seoul but also in his hometown Busan.

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