BTS Released a Song for Seoul City, Website Crashed

Dec 13, 2017

BTS Released a Song for Seoul City, Website Crashed
K-pop sensation BTS dropped a new song, but it's not a comeback single.

On December 6, BTS unveiled its promotional track for the City of Seoul called 'With Seoul' as the honorary ambassadors for the city.
BTS With SeoulThe song was released for free on Seoul city's official tourism website ''.
BTS With SeoulImmediately upon its release, the website came crashing down as more than 30,000 fans all around the world accessed the website at once.

The server returned later that day, and even the mayor of Seoul wrote a message on his SNS about the crash.
BTS With SeoulThe mayor Park Won-soon wrote, "'With Seoul' is a song to promote the City of Seoul. I heard the website went down for the first time. This means the anticipation is really high, right?"

According to Seoul city, BTS' new track 'With Seoul' is a pop track with orchestral elements which reflects the warmth and beauty of Seoul city.

Check out more on SBS 'HanBam', and download BTS' 'With Seoul' here!

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