'Goblin' Gong Yoo Shares What He Has Been Up to

Dec 15, 2017

'Goblin' Gong Yoo Shares What He Has Been Up to
[SBS Star] 'Goblin' Gong Yoo Shares What He's Up to in ELLEKorean actor Gong Yoo talks about how he has been after recent hit TV series 'Goblin'.

On December 15, the lifestyle magazine ELLE Korea shared its January 2018 issue's cover, featuring actor Gong Yoo. It was told that its new year pictorials were taken in Los Angeles, California. 

According to the source, Gong Yoo gave out various ideas for his pictorials, including shooting location and his hairstyle. The source revealed, the new issue will show him at the beach and an alley. It also added that he had successfully brought out free and fun atmosphere to the set.

Also, Gong Yoo did an interview with ELLE's staff. He revealed rather than being everyone's star, he wants to become an honest actor.
[SBS Star] 'Goblin' Gong Yoo Shares What He's Up to in ELLEELLE's interviewer asked him about what he has been up to after shooting the hit TV series 'Goblin'.

Gong Yoo answered, "After working in very tense and busy situations, everything crashed down both physically and mentally. I crashed down, endured it and put it down. I came back to myself and took my own time."

He also talked about his next work. He said, "Although it's tiring, I want to start a movie as soon as possible. But there are not many works available. But these days I've been talking to some people who have similar thoughts as me, I want to be part of it." 

Gong Yoo's new pictorials and his full interview will be published in January 2018 issue of 'ELLE', and it will be available on the official website on December 20.

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