Lee Dong Gun ♥ Cho Yoonhee Welcome 'Hobbang'

Dec 15, 2017

Lee Dong Gun ♥ Cho Yoonhee Welcome 'Hobbang'
[SBS Star] Lee Dong Gun ♥ Cho Yoonhee Welcome 'Hobbang'Korean actor Lee Dong Gun announced he fell in love with a baby princess who was born yesterday. 

On December 14, Lee Dong Gun, who is married to actress Cho Yoonhee wrote a message to his fans updating about his life.

He started the letter with "This is Hobbang's father". 

He wrote, "During early morning today, I fell in love for no reason at first sight. She was crying intensely, trying to hard and slowly open her small eyes, then suddenly opening her small eyes and looking at me, her painfully small hands and feet, fingers and toes.. All of it shook me, touched me, and made me speechless. It was such a great moment for me, it was a touching and happy moment as well." 
[SBS Star] Lee Dong Gun ♥ Cho Yoonhee Welcome 'Hobbang'He continued, "I'll live to the fullest with my loving wife and beloved daughter. Today I've realized once again how life itself is a big blessing and happiness. Hoping that you guys are happy to see three of us, my family." 

Cho Yoonhee gave birth to her daughter on December 14 in hospital in Gangnam, Seoul. Her management agency also reported about the actress' giving birth to a baby daughter. 
[SBS Star] Lee Dong Gun ♥ Cho Yoonhee Welcome 'Hobbang'Lee Dong Gun and Cho Yoonhee co-starred in the drama 'The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop' (2016-2017).

Then soon, the couple announced about the pregnancy to press and registered for marriage in May. A few months later, on September 29, the couple tied the knot by holding a private wedding.
[SBS Star] Lee Dong Gun ♥ Cho Yoonhee Welcome 'Hobbang'Congratulations! 

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