IU Shares the Story Behind Her 'Thank You' Hoodie During Concert

Dec 18, 2017

IU Shares the Story Behind Her 'Thank You' Hoodie During Concert
Korean singer-songwriter IU shared a sweet story behind her hoodie that she wore on the last day of her concert.
IUOn December 10 during the encore stage of her concert, IU went on stage wearing a white hoodie with three 'Thank You' on it with a red font.

After singing her song 'Someday', IU took some time to share about the hoodie she was wearing.
IUIU said, "Yoo In Na told me that I must wear this hoodie during my last concert, because I am beyond grateful (to fans). It has 'Thank You, Thank You, Thank You' written upside down."

She continued, "Unnie(Yoo In Na) went on a shopping and thought, 'Oh! Jieun(IU's legal name) should wear this at her last concert.' She bought it right away and kept it until my last concert."
IUThen IU asked fans to take a lot of pictures of her wearing it as Yoo In Na was unable to attend the concert due to her schedule abroad.
IUDespite their 11 years of age gap, IU and actress Yoo In Na has been keeping their strong friendship.

Meanwhile, IU successfully wrapped up her 'IU 2017 TOUR CONCERT PALETTE', and reportedly will be featured on vocalist Sunwoo JungA's comeback single.

(Credit= 'AboutHyundai' '미스터신' YouTube)

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