VIDEO: Exclusive Interview with 'Queen of Voice' SOYOU

Dec 19, 2017

VIDEO: Exclusive Interview with 'Queen of Voice' SOYOU

Former girl group SISTAR's SOYOU is back with her solo album.

On December 17, SOYOU who is also dubbed as a 'queen of voice', made an appearance on SBS 'Inkigayo' and introduced her new track 'The Night' as a solo artist.
[SBS Star] Video: Exclusive Interview with Queen of Voice SOYOUShe also did an exclusive interview with 'Inkigayo', where you can hear a sneak peek into her newest track. 

SOYOU shared a few words how it feels to debut as a solo artist. She said, "It feels like I'm debuting as a singer. Although it feels lonely, I feel assured as fans are supporting me."

Then she explained about her song, "It describes one's feeling right before one falls in love. That confusing and nervous feeling. I hope many fans can empathize."

Lastly, SOYOU shared a first verse of 'The Night' as a sneak peek. 

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