BTS' Producer is Planning to Launch a New Boy Group

Dec 20, 2017

BTS' Producer is Planning to Launch a New Boy Group
BTSK-pop sensation BTS' management agency, Big Hit Entertainment's CEO/producer Bang Si-hyuk revealed his future plan.

On December 18, Bloomberg reported its recent exclusive interview with producer Bang.
BTSDuring the interview, Bang Si-hyuk shared that he is currently focusing heavily on BTS, but he plans to apply his 'success formula' to launch a new boy group.

The producer did not explain what exactly his 'success formula' is, but Bloomberg assumed his tactic is associated with social media.
BTSBloomberg emphasized BTS' success in social media environment, "BTS is so popular that people have retweeted about or liked them on Twitter an estimated half-a-billion times this year―more than U.S. President Donald Trump and Justin Bieber combined."
BTSAccording to producer Bang, Big Hit's new boy group will be a group that can directly break into the Western market.

He also shared that he is weighing whether to team up with a music giant or go it alone and directly strike deals with U.S. music labels, radio promoters and public-relations firms.

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