Dec 20, 2017

Just a few days ago, K-pop boy group BIGBANG's TAEYANG announced his wedding plan with his girlfriend and actress Min Hyorin. 

Lately, BIGBANG members' past ideas about naming TAEYANG's baby are going viral.
[SBS Star] BIGBANG Names TAEYANG Baby's NameIn 2015, in BIGBANG's official DVD clip, the members took time to read and answer to fans' letters.

During this session, G-DRAGON read "Do you have names in mind for your own future daughter's name? Can you pick one name for TAEYANG's future baby?" 

Then BIGBANG members began to answer using TAEYANG's real name of Dong Young-bae.

DAESUNG started, "Since TAEYANG's last name is Dong, why not call her Dong Seo Yang? Like its meaning in Korean, she can dominate East and West, all across the world." Then members began to comment, "Seo Yang, Dong Seo Yang sounds good." 

G-DRAGON began to talk, "If his baby is a son, I'll call him Dong Goo Bat" which refers to a field in Korean. 
[SBS Star] BIGBANG Names TAEYANG Baby's NameThen T.O.P said, "I think it'll be cute to have a one-syllable name, like Dong Jeon. Her English name can be a coin." As 'Dong Jeon' in Korean means coins, his silly idea brought much laughter to the set. 

He continued, "If it's a son, how about Don(g) Katsu?" As 'Don Katsu' refers to a Japanese dish which consists of a breaded deep-fried pork cutlet, TAEYANG gave a bashful smile. 
[SBS Star] BIGBANG Names TAEYANG Baby's NameLastly, SEUNGRI said, "Since TAEYANG is a sun in Korean, how about Dong Dal-ee?" In Korean, 'Dal' means moon. 

TAEYANG and Min Hyorin are expected to tie the knot in February of 2018, just before TAEYANG gets enlisted in the military next year. 

(Credit= '__youngbae__' Instagram, Online Community) 

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