VIDEO: SHINee's Last Concert Together

Dec 20, 2017

VIDEO: SHINee's Last Concert Together

While many fans are expressing their grief at the loss of K-pop boy group SHINee Jonghyun's sudden unexpected death, video of the group's last concert is under spotlight. 

Lately, there were numerous videos of the concert 'SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR VI in SEOUL' uploaded in various online communities which were held on July 8.

On that day, SHINee members were seen together performing to their hit song '1 of 1', 'Replay', and 'Sherlock'.[SBS Star] VIDEO: SHINee's Last Concert TogetherSHINee's member TAEMIN and Jonghyun each performed to their solo tracks 'Press Your Number' and 'Deja-Boo'.

At the time Jonghyun said, "While I was on the stage, I received much energy from fans, and thanks to the fans I recovered my health." 

He then shouted to SHINee's official fan club 'SHINee World'. 
[SBS Star] VIDEO: SHINee's Last Concert TogetherFans mourned once again, after watching SHINee's last concert together. 

On December 20, four SHINee members were seen receiving mourners at Jonghyun's funeral in Asan Medical Center, Seoul. 

Usually, the first two days of Korean funeral are spent preparing the body and public morning followed by the burial or cremation on the third day. 

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