Visually Pleasing 'Jipsabu' Members' Photos Released

Dec 21, 2017

Visually Pleasing 'Jipsabu' Members' Photos Released
[SBS Star] Youthful 'Jipsabu' Members' Behind-the-Scene ReleasedAre you waiting for SBS new variety show 'Jipsabu' to air next year? 

On December 20, SBS 'Jipsabu' uploaded multiple photos of its four youthful members including Korean stars Lee Seung Gi, Lee Sang Yun, Yook Sung-jae, and Yang Se-hyeong on its official SNS account.

The album was titled as 'SBS 'Jipsabu 'four youths' behind the scene unveiled! Everyone say cheese! First time ever, 'visually pleasing' variety show will come to you. Sharing joys and sorrows together 'Jipsabu' coming soon'. 
[SBS Star] Youthful 'Jipsabu' Members' Behind-the-Scene ReleasedIt brought many fans' attention as four members were seen close, especially Lee Seung Gi showed a close relationship with members by putting his hands around Yang Se-hyeong and Lee Sang Yun's shoulders. The youngest member Yook Sung-jae was seen standing next to Lee Seung Gi looking shy and happy as well.  

The relevant source reported about Yook Sung-jae's decision to be part of SBS 'Jipsabu'. 

According to the source, Yook Sung-jae decided to be part of the program even before the title of the program was decided. Only because Lee Seung Gi is making an appearance, he decided to join as well. Although the two never met, Yook Sung-jae had much affection and respect for actor Lee as he was a senior actor who is currently walking the path he wants to take in the future.

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