Park Shin Hye Boasts Luxurious Beauty, "I'm lucky"

Dec 29, 2017

Park Shin Hye Boasts Luxurious Beauty, "I'm lucky"
[SBS Star] Park Shin Hye Boasts Luxurious Beauty, 'I'm luckyKorean actress Park Shin Hye's new pictorial was released.

On December 28, Park Shin Hye's management agency S.A.L.T. Entertainment uploaded multiple photos of Park Shin Hye's pictorial along with a caption "Beautiful...She's beautiful" on its official SNS. 

The pictorial was for life, fashion and beauty magazine W Korea, where she also did an interview updating about her life.

During the interview with W Korea, actress Park Shin Hye looked back at 2017.

She said, "I spent most of the time for a break and recovery. After shooting for a drama and a movie, I became lethargic. So I spent most of my time taking a break. My pre-recorded film was released, Asia fan meeting was held, and I also attended fashion events." 
[SBS Star] Park Shin Hye Boasts Luxurious Beauty, 'I'm luckyThen the interviewer asked Park, "How did you recharge your energy?" 

Park responded, "I went to traveling, learned to sports, and spent most of my time with my family. I went traveling with my mother to Jeju Island and played golf with my parents. I learned surfing at my cousin's place, I remember my body became soar after practicing for four hours on the first day of surfing. I spent my time as if I'm rewarding myself. I tried to balance myself, prepare to do well for a long time." 

Interviewer asked another question, "Is there a time when you faced a challenge and how did you overcome it?"

Park answered, "I didn't have much difficult time. But I remember when I was a freshman in college, I took a break for one year and a half from working. At the time I didn't have a management agency and worked only with managers. But my friends around me were working hard as lead stars in various works. So I wondered whether I should be working too. Although now I think I made a good decision." 
[SBS Star] Park Shin Hye Boasts Luxurious Beauty, 'I'm luckyLastly, the interviewer asked Park, "What do you trust most about yourself?"

Park replied, "Rather than trusting myself, I trust my staff members. When I accomplish many things with that trust, the greatest synergy comes out. I don't have high confidence compare to other stars and I'm often impetus and anxious. But when I feel that way, there are some people around me who can help to create a better environment. I'm lucky. I first met my director (of management agency) when I was a middle schooler. We've accomplished many things past 10 years. When I'm going through difficult times, my director would bring many solutions to me and find me the best answer." 

You can check out more of Park Shin Hye's interview and pictorial in upcoming January issue of W Korea.

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