BTS V Tops 'The Most Handsome Face' List

Dec 29, 2017

BTS V Tops 'The Most Handsome Face' List
[SBS Star] BTS V Tops 'The Most Handsome Face' List & TWICE's Tzuyu as No.3BTS V named the most handsome face of 2017, according to an American movie critic. 

On December 27, TC Candler shared the lists for 'The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2017', and 'The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2017'.

BTS V topped 'The 100 Most Handsome Faces' list, ahead of good-looking American actors like Jason Momoa and Armie Hammer.

Other stars who made the list include No.9 EXO's Sehun, No.13 BTS Jungkook, No.19 BIGBANG's TAEYANG, No.23 actor Nam Joo Hyuk, No.35. GOT7's Jackson, No.38 EXO's KAI, No.40 Super Junior's Choi Siwon, No.42 KARD's BM, No.49 SEVENTEEN's Mingyu, No.64 BTS' Jimin, No.70 GOT7's Mark, No.72 SEVENTEEN's Wonwoo, No.84 actor Lee Min Ho, No.99 NCT's TAEYONG.
[SBS Star] BTS V Tops 'The Most Handsome Face' List & TWICE's Tzuyu as No.3Among the list, there was also SHINee's Jonghyun, who was listed as No.27.

When Jonghyun's picture was shown, TC Candler took out of the background sound, and put 'REST IN PEACE' in memory of him. 
[SBS Star] BTS V Tops 'The Most Handsome Face' List & TWICE's Tzuyu as No.3According to TC Candler, the lists are "not a popularity contest. Rather, it attempts to inform and broaden public opinion instead of reflecting it." 

For women, actress Liza Soberano was chosen as the most beautiful face in the world ahead of gorgeous stars like Franch model Thylane Blondeau (No.2), K-pop girl group TWICE's Tzuyu (No.3), and Canadian actress Sarah Gadon (No.4) 

K-pop girl group After School's Nana who topped the list in 2014 and 2015 was listed as No.5. 

There were other stars who were included in the list, No.15 BLACKPINK's LISA, No.18 BLACKPINK's JENNIE, No.21 TWICE's Sana, No.23 Red Velvet's SEULGI, No.32 actress Lee Sung Kyoung, No.40 Girls' Generation's Taeyeon, No.51 actress and singer Suzy, No.55 Red Velvet's IRENE, No.62 actress Go A Ra, No.69 former Girls' Generation's member Jessica, No.88 Park Shin Hye, No.99 PRISTIN's Kyulkyung.

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