Highlight's Yang Yoseop Says He Has No Plan to Get Married

Feb 19, 2018

Highlight's Yang Yoseop Says He Has No Plan to Get Married
K-pop boy group Highlight's member Yang Yoseop revealed that he does not have any plans to get married.

On February 19, KBS Cool FM 'Park Myeong-su's Radio Show' aired an episode in which Yang Yoseop joined the talk.

During the talk, the host Park Myeong-su asked Yang Yoseop if he had any plans to get married.

As soon as Park Myeong-su ended the question, Yang Yoseop said, "I have absolute zero plan to get married."

The host responded, "You shouldn't say that there is no chance at all. You are being rude to your future wife. What if someone suddenly appears?".

Yang Yoseop vaguely answered the new question, "Well, I'm not currently dating anyone at the moment, so..."

He was then asked another question regarding his ideal type.

The singer said, "I like all types of women. My ideal type keep changing a little by little as the time goes. Right now, my ideal type is someone who I can have a good conversation with. The looks don't matter to me at all."

As a random question, the host asked what a fellow member Lee Gi Kwang's ideal type was.

Yang Yoseop laughed and explained, "Lee Gi Kwang is really into playing games and soccer these days. His ideal type would be someone who can understand that."

Meanwhile, Yang Yoseop is scheduled to release his second solo mini album on February 19, at 6PM KST.

Previously on February 12, the singer pre-released a song called 'Star', which can be watched below.

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