Han Ye Seul's Heartbreaking Current State of Condition After the Medical Accident

Apr 23, 2018

Han Ye Seul's Heartbreaking Current State of Condition After the Medical Accident
Korean actress Han Ye Seul gave an update on the state of the damage on her skin from a medical accident via her social media account.

On April 23, Han Ye Seul shared along with the picture, "This is a picture taken today. I'm heartbroken."Han Ye SeulPreviously on April 20, Han Ye Seul shared a photo of her damaged skin from a medical accident while undergoing a surgical removal of a lipoma on her social media account.

In the caption, she wrote, "I experienced a medical accident during surgery for the removal of a lipoma."

She continued, "It's been two weeks since I had surgery, but the hospital has not said anything about compensation. I'm attending treatment sessions every day, and my heart sinks more and more. To be honest, I don't think any form of compensation will make me feel better."Han Ye SeulLater on April 22, Dr. Lee Ji-hyun from CHA Gangnam Medical Center, who performed a lipoma removal procedure on Han Ye Seul came forward and apologized for his malpractice.

Dr. Lee Ji-hyun admitted that he has burnt her skin while removing the lipoma on her upper body.Han Ye SeulA lipoma is a benign tumor made of fat tissue, but lipomas are sometimes surgically removed for cosmetic or discomfort reasons.

According to CHA Gangnam Medical Center, Han Ye Seul has been transferred to a hospital that specializes in rehabilitation of burnt skin to receive medical treatment, and the hospital is fully paying for her treatment as compensation.

At the moment, it has been said that the hospital and Han Ye Seul are discussing compensation in depth.

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