VIDEO: Lee Kwang Soo Completes 200 Jumps with a Funny Wig on!

Jun 26, 2018

VIDEO: Lee Kwang Soo Completes 200 Jumps with a Funny Wig on!
Korean actor Lee Kwang Soo has completed jumping 200 times over a rope with a comical wig on.

On June 26, a production company CJ Entertainment posted a hilarious video of Lee Kwang Soo on their official social media account.

In the video, Lee Kwang Soo jumps over a rope with a black long-hair wig on, and thanks the audience for watching 'The Accidental Detective 2: In Action'.

'The Accidental Detective 2: In Action' is a comedy film which Lee Kwang Soo starred in, and it was released in theaters on June 13.

Recently, the movie attracted 2 million film-goers, so the video was created to celebrate the good news.Lee Kwang SooSince Lee Kwang Soo's character in the movie 'Yeochi' has long hair, it is assumed that he tried to look like him.

However, his unnatural and inharmonious hairstyle along with his funny facial expressions are making everyone laugh.Lee Kwang SooThe movie is about 'Kang Dae-man' (Kwon Sang-woo) and 'Noh Tae-soo' (Sung Dong-il) opening a private detective agency together, then trying to solve their first mysterious case with the help of 'Yeochi' (Lee Kwang Soo).

'Yeochi' is a Mensa genius, and has previously worked as a member of the Police Cyber Crime Unit.

(Lee Narin, Credit= CJ Entertainment, 'CJENMMOVIE' Facebook)

(SBS Star)