Park Hae Jin's New Drama Put on Hold & the Production Company Explains

Jul 10, 2018

Park Hae Jin's New Drama Put on Hold & the Production Company Explains
Korean actor Park Hae Jin's new pre-filmed drama had been put on hold and the production company explained why.

In the morning of July 10, it was reported that Park Hae Jin's new drama 'Four Men' had stopped shooting since May after only finishing filming 4 episodes out of 16.Park Hae JinThe report stated that the production company suddenly lost contact with the director Jang Tae-yoo after he stayed a week at a mental hospital for extreme anxiety.

It also said that all the production crew had gone on strike due to their wages being unpaid.Park Hae JinIn regard to this report, the production company Victory Contents released an official statement in the afternoon.

Victory Contents explained, "The reason why 'Four Men' had stopped filming was not because we didn't pay the wages to the staff. A multi-million won worth of production cost has already been covered by us. All staff members, except the director and his staff, have been coming to work to prepare for upcoming shooting."Park Hae JinThey continued, "It is true that we can't reach Jang Tae-yoo at the moment. He was dissatisfied with our decision recently. Previously on May 8, he asked us to re-hire a writer, and threatened us that he was going to resign if we weren't going to listen to him. That's why he is avoiding us now."

Lastly, they noted, "We will try our best to solve this problem as soon as we can and resume shooting. We deeply apologize for everything."Park Hae JinInitially, 'Four Men' was scheduled to air its first episode in November. However, due to the following circumstances, the exact airdate remains unknown. 

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