VIDEO: DAESUNG Spotted Performing BIGBANG's Songs in Talent Show

Aug 7, 2018

VIDEO: DAESUNG Spotted Performing BIGBANG's Songs in Talent Show
Recent photos and videos of K-pop boy group BIGBANG's member DAESUNG were unveiled.

On August 5, several photos showing DAESUNG's life in the military spread around online communities.

In a photo, DAESUNG in his military uniform is giving thumbs up with his fellow soldiers. 

Especially, a panel written 'Let's Win talent show 1st place' grabbed the viewers' attention.DAESUNGAccording to reports, the photo was taken in 'Hwacheon Tomato Festival' held on August 4.

The festival invited 27th division of the ROK army nicknamed as 'Let's Win' where DAESUNG belongs.DAESUNGDAESUNG participated in the talent show with his fellow soldiers and took first place by performing BIGBANG's 'BANG BANG BANG' and 'FANTASTIC BABY'.

Even though he is serving his duty as a soldier, it seems like he can't hide his passion and talent as a performer.DAESUNGDAESUNG left the stage with confident military salute after the performance.

After watching the video, fans left comments, "BIGBANG member covering BIGBANG's song?", "How can the opposing team win when DAESUNG is there?", and more.

DAESUNG began his military service on March 13 and is currently serving as a teaching assistant of the ROK army's 27th division 'Let's Win' in Hwacheon-gun after the military training.

(Seo Dakyoung, Credit= 'High__Lite' Twitter, 'lite high' YouTube)

(SBS Star)