A.C.E/UNB CHAN Involved in a Car Accident; Agency Updates His Condition

Aug 7, 2018

A.C.E/UNB CHAN Involved in a Car Accident; Agency Updates His Condition
K-pop boy group A.C.E and also project group UNB's member CHAN was recently taken to the hospital after a car accident, and his agency shared an update on his condition.

In the afternoon of August 6, A.C.E's management agency Beat Interactive announced, "Around 3PM, CHAN was involved in a car accident on his way back to Seoul after carrying out his schedule. Although it was a minor injury, CHAN is currently in the hospital to get the injured area examined just in case."CHANThey continued, "The contents and V LIVE session that were scheduled to be uploaded today will be postponed, and he also may not be able to take part in 'A.C.E LAND in JAPAN' tour depending on the results of his examination. We'll update you as soon as the result is out."CHANEarly in the morning of August 7, Beat Interactive posted an official notice on the website for fans detailing the accident and CHAN's current state.

They said, "While CHAN was on his way back to Seoul, a car in the next lane had collided slightly to the side of the vehicle that CHAN was in. At that time, CHAN was sitting in the front passenger seat, and hit his knee and forehead on the glove compartment and front mirror. Right after the accident, he had been taken to the hospital for an examination."CHANThey added, "After getting a thorough examination, including an X-ray and CT scan, the doctors concluded that there is nothing wrong. At the moment, CHAN is resting in the dorm. We will be sharing an update on his upcoming schedule after monitoring his condition."

CHAN was originally scheduled to take part in 'A.C.E LAND in JAPAN' concert tour in Tokyo and Osaka on August 9 and 11.

However, with his injury, it still remains unknown whether if he can join the rest of the members in Japan.

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'official_a.c.e7' Instagram)

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