Wanna One Lai Kuan Lin Opens Up About His Past Bullying Experience

Aug 7, 2018

Wanna One Lai Kuan Lin Opens Up About His Past Bullying Experience
K-pop boy group Wanna One's member Lai Kuan Lin revealed that he was once bullied in school, and shared what he had learned from the experience.

On August 6, Lai Kuan Lin held an impromptu online live broadcast to interact with his fans.
Wanna One Lai Kwan LinDuring the live broadcast, a fan asked Lai Kuan Lin about what he/she should do when get bullied in school.

Lai Kuan Lin earnestly answered the question by sharing his own experience in the past.
Wanna One Lai Kwan LinHe said, "Let me tell you about my own experience. This isn't a secret, but I was also bullied in middle school."

He continued, "When I was in middle school, I didn't talk much and didn't get along with my classmates that much. I wasn't necessarily 'bullied', but I think I was rather 'ostracized'."
Wanna One Lai Kwan LinThen Lai Kuan Lin shared that he was able to pull through the difficulty by changing his point of view.

He said, "This is how I got over those times. I think of it this way. Bullying is teaching me something, in somewhat violent manner. Even if someone treats me in a wrongful manner, I won't hate them. I would rather be thankful because they taught me something. They'll probably have a lot to learn once they enter the society, but I've already learned it from them."

Lai Kuan Lin wrapped up his response, saying, "Thanks to the experience, I'm able to go through in any kind of situation. I can't talk about it in detail, but you can learn from good people and you can also learn from the bad."

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