VIDEO: iKON's Splendid Return with 'FREEDOM' & 'KILLING ME'

Aug 8, 2018

VIDEO: iKON's Splendid Return with 'FREEDOM' & 'KILLING ME'
K-pop boy group iKON proved its undiminished enthusiasm by energetic comeback stages.

On August 5 episode of SBS 'Inkigayo', iKON had the hottest return five months after the last promotion of its mega hit 'LOVE SCENARIO' and 'Rubber Band'.

On this day, iKON unveiled both sub-title track 'FREEDOM' and title track 'KILLING ME'.

Both tracks are from iKON's newest mini album 'NEW KIDS : CONTINUE', which was released on August 2.

First, iKON highlighted its boyish charm with its sub-title track full of bright vibes.iKON'FREEDOM' is sub-title track full of funky rock vibes with the members' powerful rapping.

At the start of the stage, iKON's leader B.I started to appear on the stage behind impressive performance by white iKON' flags.iKONiKONAfter B.I's rapping, all members showed up on the stage and took over the stage with playful dance moves of their own.

Their joyful stage manners surely mesmerized all the audience watching the performance.

After the stage of 'FREEDOM', iKON surprised the viewers with its contrasting masculine charm with its title track 'KILLING ME'.

'KILLING ME' was composed and written by B.I, which dissolved desperate emotion into its intensive beat.iKONThe lyrics effectively describe one's disastrous feeling after the break-up into one word of 'KILLING ME'.

This day, iKON showed off the most powerful and acrobatic choreography among their tracks and made their stage linger on the viewers head with its hightlight chorus part with the lyrics 'KILLING ME'.iKONiKONCheck out both amazing comeback stages of iKON!

(Seo Dakyoung, Credit= SBS Inkigayo)

(SBS Star)